Rotary Engine 13B Housing Design Plate



Permatex Steel Weld

If you select this we’ll include the adhesive to attach the design plates!

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Note: Customizing these design plates will increase the build time from our Standard 5 business days to 15 business days!


Dress up your engine bay with these beautiful design plates! They come as a pair and are attached via Permatex Steel Weld directly to your housings. Our main design is a reproduction of the old school “MAZDA” design only found on ’74 and ’75 RX-4 and Rotary Pickup engines. If you’re restoring an older rotary vehicle, these are the finishing touch to make any housings appear period correct since the originals are so difficult to find! 🙂


Due to popular demand, we’ll also be offering customizable design plates! The standard font for these custom plates will be Arial, but if you’d like a different font just write to us prior to purchasing and we’ll let you know if it’s doable!

*Please Note: If you order customized design plates the build time will increase from our Standard 5 business days to 15 business days! Thanks 🙂


As of right now these design plates will only fit 13B housings, but we plan to expand to 12As soon! If you have a Renesis (RX-8) engine these will fit, but the feature on the back side to center it to the housing will not work for your engine so you will need to make sure that it is centered before the epoxy cures.

*All products are made to order in house by Landon and Rebecca, so we currently have a 15 business day (3 week) build time for standard Priority Mail orders. This is the worst case scenario and we usually ship out between 5-10 business days (1-2 weeks) after an order has been placed. If  you need to receive your order sooner, please either check out with Priority Mail Express shipping or write to us prior to placing your order to see if we are able to rush it out and meet your deadline! Thanks for understanding! 🙂 *

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