FC Warning Light/Clock Bezel


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This is one of the most fragile stock pieces on the FC (’86-’91) RX-7. One wrong look and the stock plastic shatters due to years of sun exposure on the top of the dashboard. We’ve finally created a permanent solution to this problem with our new aluminum warning light/clock bezel! This part comes in 2 pieces, the bottom portion that goes around the lights sits in the dashboard first and then the top “trim ring” is a snug press fit into the dashboard to hold it all in place.


Depending on the year of your car and the clock that you have (as over the years some have inevitably been replaced) you’ll either need to select the ’86-‘87.5 (Bottom Edge is Closer to Driver) version or the ‘87.5-’91 (Top Edge is Closer to Driver) version. Please note that these are NOT interchangeable, so take time to ensure that you are purchasing the correct one!

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