’02-’03 WRX “Bugeye” Aero Undertray


We have 4 aero undertray options for sale for the ’02-’03 WRX. All are CNC plasma cut from 0.080″ (2mm) aluminum sheet metal and will stand up to all the road can throw at them! We’re hoping to expand our Subaru undertray line-up soon! Details Below! 🙂

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The front undertray replaces the stock plastic undertray that stretches from the front bumper to just below the oil pan that is typically missing or damaged on most cars. We included louvering on this undertray that mimics the stock tray to add extra cooling potential. Not only does it look great, it adds rigidity & support to the front bumper, adds more protection to vital engine components vs the stock tray, and also smooths the air flow passing under the car.

The front side pieces follow the curve of the front bumper and further spread the smoothed flat surface of the undertray!  As a bonus, bumper rigidity is even further improved.

The rear undertray stretches from approximately the rear of the oil pan to just ahead of the trans mission cross member. This panels provides extra protection for your engine & transmission/front differential and further smooths the airflow under the car.

The following configurations will be available for purchase: Main Aero Undertray only, Main Aero Undertray + Front Sides, Main Aero Undertray + Rear Aero Undertray, Whole Package – Main Aero Undertray, Front Sides, and Rear Aero Undertray. This way you can purchase only what you need for your setup!

Our setup uses all existing mounting points on the car (no modification to your car is required). All hardware as well as installation instructions are included!


-The main aero undertray is designed around the right hand side oil pan drain. We will be modifying it to fit the left hand side oil plug drain soon!

*All products are made to order in house by Landon and Rebecca, so we currently have a 15 business day (3 week) build time for standard Priority Mail orders. This is the worst case scenario and we usually ship out between 5-10 business days (1-2 weeks) after an order has been placed. If  you need to receive your order sooner, please either check out with Priority Mail Express shipping or write to us prior to placing your order to see if we are able to rush it out and meet your deadline! Thanks for understanding! 🙂 *

**Our undertray is engineered to be installed as depicted in the instructions. Please be sure to use ALL fasteners and mounting points and follow instructions carefully. Failure to use all mounting points may result in damage to the undertray or your car which we cannot be responsible for.**

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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