S13 240SX Aluminum Door Panels


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Now for sale we have a pair of aluminum door panels that fit the S13 (1989-1994) chassis Nissan 240SX!  They are confirmed to fit coupe and hatch models, but will NOT fit convertibles due to the door’s structure and added bracing.  These are CNC plasma cut here in the US from 0.063″ aluminum, and then finished to a crisp smooth appearance with a DA. These will give your interior a fresh new look over your old panels, as well as increase the cramped space when in the drivers seat.  The panels are held via included push rivets. They can also be painted or wrapped to match your interior. Perfect for a drift/track only car that previously had tattered and torn OEM panels, or none at all. You can know that the aluminum will be the last panel you ever need to purchase!


The upper edge is bent in 2 spots on a sheet metal brake, to wrap around and hold onto the top edge of the door.  These panels attach to all factory locations in the door, so there is no need to drill cut or modify your existing doors to fit these.  Simply remove your old panel, and install these.  All mounting hardware is included, as well as the pull strap in your choice of color. All screws & washers are made of 304 stainless.  We also include the garnish which covers the bulge in the door where the window crank mounts, which will eliminate an unsightly gaping hole where the regulator mount pokes through.


Note for all panel configurations: You do not get the pull cup or window crank handles with these.  Your purchase will include 2 aluminum cards, hardware, & pull straps only. Also, there are some slight issues mounting the pull cup, as the plane that it/the handle attach to isn’t parallel to the door panel, so the handle will stick out just slightly.  Another option is leaving the pull cup off, as it is strictly cosmetic.


Note for door panels with speakers: You will receive the front plate, which takes the place of the stock plastic speaker housing and attaches to said speaker housing mounting holes. The speaker hole diameter is standard 144mm (approx. 5.66 in) which is the largest size hole that is still centered within the speaker cutout in the door. If you have a different sized speaker just write to us and we can shrink the hole size for you accordingly. You will be responsible for attaching the speaker to the plate and sourcing your own hardware for this since all options are different and we can’t customize every one. You should also check the speaker’s back-spacing against the rolled down window to ensure that there isn’t any interference.


Note for “No Bulge Cover – Flat Panels” option: This option is only available for power windows, as the manual window crank mounts to the bulge in the door itself. This option will require the modification of your doors! *We cannot be held liable for any damage done to your vehicle or any injuries that may occur during the modification process!* In order for the panels to sit flat without the bulge cover, you will need to cut the bulge off of your stock doors. In the picture gallery we have included a picture with notes that further explain the modification needed. Feel free to write to us with any questions as well!


Notes for power window configuration panels:

-The power window switch is not in the most optimal place (and mounted backward). This is due to confinements of the door structure beneath, and was the only location that worked.

-Choose the “Power (No Switches)” option to order the panels without provisions for the window switch if you have relocated or removed them and would like clean blank panels!


*All products are made to order in house by Landon and Rebecca, so we currently have a 15 business day (3 week) build time for standard Priority Mail orders. This is the worst case scenario and we usually ship out between 5-10 business days (1-2 weeks) after an order has been placed. If  you need to receive your order sooner, please either check out with Priority Mail Express shipping or write to us prior to placing your order to see if we are able to rush it out and meet your deadline! Thanks for understanding! 🙂 *


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